🗒️ Inventory of clothes and shoes of Dyatlov's group in the property in the storage room of Ivdel airport

Backpacks 9. Sweaters 3. Flasks 1. Helmets 7. Woolen socks 17. T-shirts 2. Underpants 2. Socks cotton (pairs) 13. Cloth socks (pairs) 1. Masks 6. Cowboys 1. Cloth gloves (pairs), fur and leather 7. Training pants 1. Stove with pipes 1. Ski boots (pairs) 8. Valenki (pairs) 3.5. Skating cap 3. Boot covers thin (pairs) 6.5 (thin). Axes large 2. Small axes 1. Fur cap 1. Crosscut saws 1. Cotton jackets Wool blankets 9....

03.03.1959 · Pletnev, Vishnevsky, Grigoriev

🗒️ Items delivered from the commissary

Ski boots 1 pair. Cotton socks 1 pair. Mandolin 1. Warm boots 1 pair Cap 1. Mask 1. Cowgirl 1 Ice axe 1.

03.03.1959 · Pletnev, Vishnevsky

📝 Protocol of inspection of things found at the scene

The criminal prosecutor of the Sverdlovsk Regional Prosecutor’s Office, Junior Counsel of Justice Ivanov, in accordance with Article 78 of the RSFSR Code of Criminal Procedure, drew up this protocol in the presence of Vishnevsky, Head of the Physical Training Department of the UPI, and Correspondent of the newspaper “Na zmena! Yarovoy J. presented to Yudin Y. E., a fourth-year student of UPI (Sverdlovsk, 8 student block, room 531) the things found near the tent of tourists of group Dyatlov, near the fire near the corpses of Krivonischenko and Doroshenko, as well as clothing available on the found corpses....

03.03.1959 · Ivanov, Vishnevsky, Yarovoy, Yudin

📝 Minutes of the inspection of the shed

Camp of the search party in the Upper reaches of the Auspia River. Forensic prosecutor of the Sverdlovsk Region Prosecutor’s Office Ivanov in the presence of the head of the search party T. Maslennikov (32 Zavodskaya St., Sverdlovsk) and Slobtsov Boris Yefimovich (13a Lenina St., Sverdlovsk, 23) prepared this report in accordance with article 78 of the RSFSR Code of Criminal Procedure as follows On this day in the upper reaches of the Auspia river, under the pass to the Lozva river, a camp (food store) of the Dyatlov group was found....

02.03.1959 · Ivanov, Maslennikov, Stolbtsov

📝 Minutes of the site of Igor Dyatlov's group of tourists

February 28, 1959 Ivdel Prosecutor Junior Counsel of Justice Tempalov in the presence of witnesses: Comrades Maslennikov and Brusnitsin Vadim Dmitrievich, residing in the city of Sverdlovsk, Sheinkman St., #III, apt. 31; Comrade Sharavin Mikhail Petrovich, residing in the city of Sverdlovsk, Vtuzgorodok, Building 9, Room 201; Comrade Stepan Nikolaevich Kurikov, residing in the Ivdel district, Suyevat Paun settlement. We drew up this report on the discovery of the place of overnight stay of the group of Dyatlov’s tourists....

28.02.1959 · Tempalov

📝 Minutes of the inspection of the scene

Prosecutor of Ivdel, Sverdlovsk region, Junior Counsel of Justice Tempalov in the presence of the head of the search party Maslennikov Evgeny Polikarpovich, residing in Sverdlovsk, Zavodskaya street 32, apt. 84 and witnesses Yarovoy Yury Evgenyevich, residing in Sverdlovsk, M-Sibiryaka street № 57, apt. 81, Boris Yefimovich Slobtsov, residing in Sverdlovsk, 13a Lenina St., Bld. 23, and Stepan Nikolayevich Kurikov, residing in Ivdel District, Suevatpaul village, have composed this report on the discovery of the bodies found on the north-eastern slope of “1079” height....

27.02.1959 · Tempalov

📜 Decree on initiation of criminal proceedings

On February 26, 1959 the prosecutor of Ivdel, Tempalov, having read the information about the discovery of the corpses of student tourists at height 1079, and taking into account that at height 1079 the corpses of Krivonischenko, Kolmogorova, Diatlov, and others - students, tourists of the Sverdlovsk Polytechnic Institute - were found frozen, and taking into account that in this case a preliminary investigation was necessary to establish the cause of death of these individuals and therefore guided by Articles 96 and 110 of the CPC decided:....

26.02.1959 · Tempalov

📝 Minutes of the route committee at the Sverdlovsk City Committee for Physical Culture and Sports

As a result of checking the correctness of the development of the route, checking the preparation of the group for the trip, checking lists of equipment, food and estimates, the route committee of the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports decides: To approve the ski tour of the third category of difficulty along the route Vizhay - North Second - Otorten - Oiko-Chakur - Toshemka River - Vizhay group of 10 people, going under the leadership of Comrade I....

08.01.1959 · Korolev, Novikova, Maslennikova, Bogomolova