Prosecutor of Ivdel, Sverdlovsk region, Junior Counsel of Justice Tempalov in the presence of the head of the search party Maslennikov Evgeny Polikarpovich, residing in Sverdlovsk, Zavodskaya street 32, apt. 84 and witnesses Yarovoy Yury Evgenyevich, residing in Sverdlovsk, M-Sibiryaka street № 57, apt. 81, Boris Yefimovich Slobtsov, residing in Sverdlovsk, 13a Lenina St., Bld. 23, and Stepan Nikolayevich Kurikov, residing in Ivdel District, Suevatpaul village, have composed this report on the discovery of the bodies found on the north-eastern slope of “1079” height.

To the northeast of the height “1079” in 1.5 kilometers at the head of the right stream of the river Lozva, starting in the saddle between the heights “1079” and “880” near the cedar in the 2 - 2,5 meters dry branches are broken. The limbs are also broken on the cedar itself.

Traces of a fire were found under the cedar in a hole, as evidenced by half-burnt limbs. A half-burnt sock and a cowboy shirt were found near the fire. There is money in the shirt - 8 rubles. A half-burned cape of greenish color.

There are two corpses lying close to the north of the fire at a distance of one meter with their heads to the west and feet to the east. They are identified: Krivonischenko, Yuri Alekseevich, face up, dressed in a cowboy shirt, torn underpants. His head was thrown back, his eyes were closed, his mouth was closed, his lips were pressed together, his right arm was thrown behind his head, his left arm was bent, his hand was raised above his chest. Right leg extended, left leg slightly bent at the knees. The right leg was unclothed, while the left leg was wearing a torn brown sock identical to the one found half-burnt by the fire. The skin on the back of the left palm had been peeled off. There was blood between the fingers. The index finger is peeled off. The skin on the shin of the left leg was stripped and bled. There are no other injuries on external examination.

Next to him and Krivonischenko, there is the corpse of Zolotarev Alexandr Alexeyevich. The corpse is lying on its stomach. He’s dressed in a cowboy, blue underpants, with torn blue pants underneath. On his feet wool socks on top - torn knit socks. His ear and nose are bloody, and his lips are bloody. On the left hand the middle finger is bloody. The corpses were photographed at the scene.

In the same area, to the southwest of the two corpses, at a distance of 400 meters, a corpse was found lying upside down on its stomach, its legs slightly bent at the knees and its arms pressed to the chest. The left arm was resting at the elbow on a birch branch. The head is strictly behind the trunk of the birch in five to seven centimeters. He is dressed: his head is uncovered, he has a fur coat on his body, a sweater under it, and a colored cowboy under the sweater. On his feet are wearing ski pants, under them pants. The right leg has a wool sock, the left one a cotton sock. No bodily injuries were found on external examination of the corpse. There was ice on the face and under the chin.

In the same area strictly to the south-west direction on the slope of 1079 hill at a distance of 500 meters from the corpse (identified as Igor Dyatlov) was found a female corpse. Zinaida Kolmogorova was identified. The corpse was in the snow, under a layer of hard firn snow. There are no trees within a radius of 70 meters. The corpse was lying with its head in the same direction as the previous corpses, facing the ground on the right side. Arms are bent, under the body. Both legs are half-bent. The right leg is pulled up to the abdomen (giving the impression that the person was climbing a mountain). He has a pink woolen cap on his head. His body is wearing a ski jacket, underneath it a T-shirt and a cowboy. On his feet are wearing ski pants, under them leggings and underwear. He has wool socks on his feet. Her face is covered in blood. There are abrasions and blood on the back near the waist. It can be assumed that Kolmogorova, according to the position of the body, tried not to climb uphill, but stay put. The body was photographed.

To the present report documents and values which have been submitted by participants of our group and taken from a tent of lost group of Dyatlov are attached. Attached to the protocol are the following:

  1. Camera “Zorkiy” with a tripod and with a broken light filter. Camera number 488797. The camera was taken 34 frames.
  2. Zorky camera # 486963. The camera captures 27 frames. There are deep scratches on the camera case. The strap is ripped off.
  3. Camera Zorky, number 55149239. Captured 27 frames.
  4. A wrist compass.
  5. Train and bus tickets.
  6. Field bag
  7. Flashlight electric.
  8. Two iron cans with string, etc.
  9. Slobodin’s notebook of money and a letter from the trade union committee to the Municipal Department.
  10. Money in the amount of nine hundred and seventy-five rubles.
  11. The diary of Kolmogorova. The last date of recording January 30.
  12. Minutes of the route committee
  13. Letter to Dyatlov.
  14. An itinerary book #5, three copies.
  15. A sealed jar. It contains ten photographic films, a roll of film, and money in the amount of seven hundred rubles
  16. A travel voucher in the name of Dyatlov.
  17. Maps, tracing paper and photocopies in the amount of nine pieces
  18. The project of the hike
  19. An accompanying letter from the trade union committee of the institute
  20. Passport on the name of Dyatlov