Camp of the search party in the Upper reaches of the Auspia River. Forensic prosecutor of the Sverdlovsk Region Prosecutor’s Office Ivanov in the presence of the head of the search party T. Maslennikov (32 Zavodskaya St., Sverdlovsk) and Slobtsov Boris Yefimovich (13a Lenina St., Sverdlovsk, 23) prepared this report in accordance with article 78 of the RSFSR Code of Criminal Procedure as follows

On this day in the upper reaches of the Auspia river, under the pass to the Lozva river, a camp (food store) of the Dyatlov group was found.

The camp is located on the place of the group’s overnight stay, well covered with the prepared firewood, covered with cardboard, spruce paws. Skis, one pair, are stuck in the snow near the camp, a tattered sockliner is hanging on the toe of the ski.

During the excavation of the camp the following amount of products was found:

  1. Condensed milk 2.5 kg.
  2. Canned meat in jars of 4 kg.
  3. Sugar - 8 kg.
  4. Butter - 4 kg.
  5. Boiled sausage - 4 kg.
  6. Salt - 1,5 kg.
  7. Kissel-compote - 3 kg.
  8. Oatmeal and buckwheat porridge 7.5 kg.
  9. Cocoa 200 g.
  10. Coffee - 200 grams. Tea - 200 grams.
  11. Brisket - 3 kg.
  12. Milk powder - 1kg.
  13. Sugar - 3 kg.
  14. Crumbs - 7 kg and noodles - 5 kg.
  15. Also found:
  • mandolin
  • A pair of size 41 boots with worn socks in them.
  • a pair of warm boots
  • a set of bindings
  • 2 batteries, mounted with a light bulb for illumination

According to Blinov, the warm boots belonged to Dyatlov.

Since the products are of no interest for the investigation, they were given to the head of the party, Mr. Maslennikov. Maslennikov as an emergency reserve. All the food containers, as well as the mandolin, two pairs of boots, socks, and bindings were taken away.