So, back on the camping trip! Now we are sitting in room 531, or rather, of course, not sitting, and everyone is frantically stuffing all kinds of oatmeal, cans, and stew into their backpacks. The janitor stands there and makes sure everyone gets in.

  • Where are my shoes? Shall we play mandolin on the streetcar?

  • Of course we are! We forgot the salt! - Three kilos. Igor! Where are you?

  • Where’s Doroshenko, why isn’t he picking up 20 packs? Give me 15 kopecks! Where’s the changer, where’s the changer? It doesn’t fit, damn it! Who’s got the knife?

  • It’ll fit, it’ll fit, and this too.

  • Yura, take this to the station.

Slava Khamzov is here.

Hello, hello! Give me 15 kopecks!

Luda is counting the money, big money. The room is an artistic mess.

And here we are on the train. Lots of songs are sung, many new ones learned, and everyone goes to their places at 3:00 in the morning. I wonder what is waiting for us on this trip? What will be new? Yes, today the boys solemnly swore an oath not to smoke during the whole trip. I wonder how much willpower they have, will they be able to do without cigarettes? Everyone goes to bed, and the Ural taiga rises up outside the windows.