The weather was good, the wind was supposed to blow at our backs along the way. The guys agreed that a horse would take the bales to Severny 2. It was 24 km from 41st to it. We helped grandfather Slava to unload the wagon of hay and we were waiting for the horse (he left for hay and firewood). We were waiting till 4 o’clock.

The guys were busy copying the songs. One guy sang beautifully. We heard a number of songs banned in prison (Article 58). Ognev told Igor how to find a cabin, where we could spend the night. At 4 o’clock we set off.

In advance we bought 4 loaves of bread. Soft warm bread. We ate 2 pieces.

The horse is walking slowly. How nice to walk without backpacks.

Went for 2 hours 8 km. (Ushma river).

It had already started to get dark. All delay was because of the horse. Yura Yudin was going with us. He suddenly got sick and could not go hiking. There he decided to gather some stones for the institute.

The 2nd Northern is the abandoned geological village of 20-25 houses. Only one is suitable for habitation. Late at night, in the total darkness, we found the village and guessed where the hut was only by the ice-hole. A fire made of planks was lit. The stove was smoking. Several people had their hands pierced with nails. All safely. Here came the horse. And after supper in the hotly heated hut on the beds they were throwing jokes until 3 o’clock in the morning.