The diary in the criminal case, labeled as "A copy of the diary of Z. Kolmogorova, the participant of the trek", does not really belong to Kolmogorova, but to someone else from the Dyatlov group, because the real and handwritten diary of Kolmogorova was later found, it is known, and its authenticity is beyond doubt both in handwriting and in style.

It was 17° in the morning - it was getting colder. The duty men (again S.Kolevatov and K.Thibault for yesterday’s slow assembly) made a fire for a long time, from the evening decided to get up and vacate the tent in 8 minutes from the time of rising. So everyone is long awake and waiting for that command. But to no avail. Around 9-30 in the morning began a passive rise. Kolya T. was saying something in the morning. No one feels like getting ready.

And the weather! In contrast to the other warm days - today is a sunny cold day. The sun is just playing around.

We are walking on Mansy trail as we did yesterday. Sometimes there are cuttings on the trees - Mansi writing. In general there are a lot of mysterious signs of all kinds. The idea of our hike “In the Land of Mysterious Signs” arises. If we knew this script, we would be able to follow the trail without any doubts, not doubting that it will take us to the wrong place. Here the trail comes out on the shore. We lose the trail. Further on the trail goes to the left bank of the Auspia, but the reindeer team went along the river, and we are breaking through the forest. If there is an opportunity, we turn to the river. It is easier to walk along it. About 2 o’clock we stop for lunch, a break. Krejka, guest crackers, sugar, garlic, coffee from the morning - here is our lunch.

The mood is good.

Two more steps - five hours - time to stop for the night. We were looking for a place for a long time, so we went back on 200 meters. The place was wonderful - dried forest, tall spruces, everything necessary for the good spending the night.

Luda quickly worked off, sat down at a fire. Kolya Tibo got changed. He began to write his diary. The law is this: until all the work is done, do not come near the fire. And so they argued for a long time about who should sew the tent. At last K. Thibault could not stand it and took the needle. Luda remained seated. And we sewed the holes (and there were so many that there was enough work for everyone except for the two guys on duty and Luda). The guys are terribly indignant.

Today is Sasha Kolevatov’s birthday. We congratulate him, give him a tangerine, which he immediately divided into 8 parts (Lyuda went into her tent and didn’t come out again until the end of dinner). All in all, another day of our hike went well.